See that you do not refuse Him who speaks from heaven”

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See that you do not refuse Him who speaks from heaven”

He who calls us to His eternal glory through Jesus Christ”
This is the place of our calling. We should not be waiting for a kingdom to come but accept the invitation to ascend to the voice now. To “lay aside every weight and sin that snares us and “run the race with endurance. Run where? to the voice. To Him who calls
Scripture lays out the concept of becoming new. We exchange the old for the new now, and we do this by faith. We put off maliciousness, selfishness, anger and hate then we put on the polar opposites. The things we put off are associated with the Adamic nature. We become new.
This is one of the things Christ showed us by Him coming as a man. That this work takes place in our human body. “As He is so are we in the world”. We do not need to leave this world to get on with our eternal life and this takes place by accepting the gift and learn to appropriate that now, to put it on. “As you have received Him, walk in Him”.
It would be a fallacy for the scriptures to say we are new if it were not true, but it says  “Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind”.  If we can do this our thinking shifts it’s focus off future events and hopes of the next work of God. Future thinking plugs our spiritual ears from hearing “Him who speeks from heaven”. Future thinking comes from not understanding our calling, To Him who speaks from heaven” who “calls us to His eternal glory”. He did not put us in limbo waiting for His next move. His work “comes not with observation”  Christ said “The father has been working and I have been working” This kind of work has nothing to do with time and matter, the old creation for that was finished the 6th day, but the work is “to bring many sons (offspring) to glory.
For the most part all those who seek the kingdom of God want the same thing. And what does scripture say about those who seek this? Romans 11.7-8 “What then Israel did not obtain what it seeks? But the elect have obtained it and the rest were hardened, Just as it is written “God has given them the spirit of stupor, eyes not to see, ears not to hear to this very day”.
Well we ask obtain what? The object of our faith. As then, so also now. The visible church for the most part is hardened with the spirit of stupor and focused on a future work of God to be seen with human eyes, but God finished His work in creating time and matter from the 6 days of  creation. He then completed the work of salvation at the cross. The only work now teaching this salvation by His spirit. This is an invisible work and the reason He says “an evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign”. A visible work. Even back then “No sign shall be given but Jonah”. So too now the sign given is His word. Heb 1 “God has spoken through His Son” All things being accomplished to not need to be redone over and over. Man does that not God
To understand this correctly we are not re-created into a new thing that has not been before but more accurately we are being un-created in the sense that by faith we put off all things from the 6 days of creation and we put on the new man who is created in the same image as He who made us. We put on what already was, we put on Christ and grow in His attributes and share the Glory that never fades. The Glory that is always at it’s peak of brightness that is with Him who never changes or gets old, but always new. This is the new creation.

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