The Revelation of Adam and The foreshadowing of Christ’s Revelation

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Jesus in John 3 said of himself “We speak what we know and testify what we have seen”. He spoke of himself as being plural which is not surprising for He is the same one who said “let us make man in Our likeness”. When John wrote he specifically used the Greek word “Ekeinos” which means “they” and “them” when talking about Christ, but the English translators interpretation was that into “him”, a singular person. So what John was trying to convey by choosing the word “ekeinos” is lost. John was speaking of the fullness of the Godhead being a plurality and being present in Jesus. We have other articles that go deeper into this, but the point here is that Jesus is a plurality and John called Him “They” and “Them” and not He and Him..

Now when we go back to the beginning and on the 6th day when God made man in His likeness, He made Adam whole. Adam had not entered his deep sleep to be halved into male and female yet. It is in the first words about Adam that God “made him male and female “created He them” a pluarality. And “God blessed “them” as a plurality in unity and said to them “let them be fruitful, let them multiply let them fill the earth”.
 Adam had Eve still inside him called “the rib” and the Lord called Adam”them”. Like John called Christ “them” after the spirit of God descended upon Him like a dove, and remained with Him. They are A plurality in one. Then the heavenly Father said “this is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased”. Why? Because this is the first time since the Garden of Eden a man was whole and not halved,  not split into male and female. Christ’s counterpart, His helper and comforter is the 3rd person of the Godhead called the Holy Spirit .
And John the Baptist confirmed this saying “29 He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands and hears him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. Therefore this joy of mine is fulfilled”. You see John was the best man at the wedding, the friend.
Adam in his beginning was a plurality in one as Christ is a plurality in one. “Let us make make man in Our likeness”. So God did, but later He took the rib out and Adam called her Eve. They portrayed the Heavenly, Eternal Bride and Groom. But they were turned in side out for our understanding through revelation. The spiritual unveiling. Food for those born again. Even when God said “let Us… He was showing Himself to be a plurality.  He is more aptly defined as “They” and “Them” and not “He” or “Him”. Him and Her come from a split view. This is why the mandate was said from the beginning “24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”
That from the beginning which We have heard and seen We testify to you. Now for what came next.
The Revelation of Adam and The foreshadowing of Christ’s Revelation

Adam was half the man of Jesus because his rib was taken from him. His hidden insides were seen when his rib called his wife was exposed. This was the Revelation of Adam, the unveiling, the exposure of what would not otherwise have been seen being the female side of God. This is why the Book of Revelation is not so much about catastrophe but Heavenly Jerusalem because She is the Hidden Side of Christ. The feminine, the mother of the all.. That is why the command was given that “the two shall become one”. To mend that tear. This man Adam who was made in the image of God was a parable of the things of God. For God had said “Let Us make man in Our image and our likeness” and “in His image he made them male and female” in one body. So when Adam was halved, when his rib was removed he exposed not so much his own insides but the internal workings of the eternal invisible God, broken down for human consumption in the mind. For us to the elect two more clearly see who we really are and from where we are from. The elusive insides called the spirit are seen in the other half called the woman. The elusive one, the intuitive one made visible in the woman Eve, for our understanding of Him who divided them the two parts male and female. He has a hidden person.

Christs other half is only exposed in this way. She is fully guarded and protected. Nothing that defiles can enter Her. She is impenetrable, and un-adulterated. She is Spirit and truth. Nothing carnal may enter, but the born-again. John 3.3

Eve however was exposed. This is why women are to be covered. But not a religious covering but for protection. She is the delicate one that Harbors the children. she is not less in value,  the two are equal. She was not unveiled physically. Gods spirit was ushered directly to the Son at the baptism when God said “this is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased” where the halves were rejoined and thereby fulfilling scripture that says “in Him dwells the fullness of the godhead body”
It was Mother Eve who was taken out of Adam. And so all who are born out of Eve are born out. But those born of Adams counterpart are born in. For She is in Him and if we are in Christ we are in Her and with Her. It is us that are born into Christ by a word of Truth and by the holy spirit that know who our parents are. And it was Paul who had said of the Earthen Jerusalem, “cast off the Bond woman and her son”, said in the same book says that “Heavenly Jerusalem is the mother of us all” pointing to something unearthly and invisible. A constant reality. The whole carnal race being born from below made from the earth, but Christ’s counterpart being the Holy Spirit and Heavenly Jerusalem, it is Their  offspring that are born from above, born of the spirit hereby distinguishing the difference between the carnal man and the spiritual man. Adam and Eve were replaced with the last Adam Christ, the first man Adam became a human bring, the last Adam Christ became a life giving spirit. We who are born in this way are the first fruits. (1 Corinthians 15.44-)
 God told John the baptizer “upon whom you see the Holy Spirit land upon and remain, this is He!” The true Son who replaced Adam. When the Holy Spirit descended “in bodily form” like a carbon copy she fit inside Him perfectly. She descended and “remained upon Him”. The Word of God and the Spirit of God became one. The two halves were fitted. They were united. They were married at Christ’s baptism.
Jesus could not of been the “well pleased” of the Father if He were only half His image. by being without His of being a man in half because God made His image “male and made he them” and only when the two are one, The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants— they reflect the nature of God saying the two of them must become one.. This is what qualifies Jesus to be The new man. The Adamic replacement and true God. Not just an image or likeness. “For in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead” in bodily form. Both parts together, “male and female made He them. For us to understand Him, He turned His image inside out in the persons of Adam and Eve. Jesus was right side in.
This is why John the baptist was called the “friend of the bridegroom”. He witnessed at the altar as the best man being called the friend of God. And John was able to testify to what he truly witnessed and he said “the Bridegroom has the Bride” “therefor my joy is fulfilled. His mission was accomplished. He saw the Word of God unite with the Breath of God who being united are the parents of the New Covenant of all those who receive the Word, who are born by the Spirit. This is what Christ meant when He said “I will not leave you orphans, I will sent you my helper My helpmate, the other comforter. He was talking about His hidden counterpart, “whom the world cannot know”. His Eve that was not taken from His side but remains “in Him” eternally. This is something Adam and Eve could not do. They were just a parable but now “in Christ we are told plainly about the Father.
In all of creation it is not common for a male to birth, nurse and raise offspring in any of the kind begets. The kind begets in scripture repeatedly states “after their own likeness and kind”. And in Noah’s ark it was “male and female” taken into the ark. The protected image. All others were washed away in the flood as abominations as should happen in the renewed mind. 
It is God in these two parts, being the origination of the male and female image that unite for reproduction of a species, is “The Father and Mother eternally one. God is one. It was the Adam He split for us to understand Him in the two parts male and female, this pictures the Word and Spirit being “bone of my bone” being the same kind as each other, spirit. We understand Jesus as the last Adam and first new man, but the Holy Spirit as the Bride? Yes! She is just behind the veil of understanding of the carnal mind “whom no man can know”.
It is in the creation of time and matter from the first 6 days that the Word of God and the Spirit of God appear to be separate persons.  And scripture says “the Spirit brooded on the face of the waters” showing Her anticipation of the baptism that would show their true oneness.
And in truth the baptism of Jesus by John just showed the union that took place when on the 7th day God rested from His works. Rested not in His works of creation but back to where They came. To the beginning is those who said “let Us make man in our image. The Word of God that created and the Spirit of God that co-created returned to the mouth of God from where They came. “His word does not return void”. It is only in time and matter that they are seen separated. This is the split thinking of the split Adamic nature in time and matter.
This then exposes the carnal mind that is enmity against God. The mind of unbelief against the Spirit. It cannot see the Bride and Groom united with physical eyes therefor it must not be now but at a 2nd coming. It has a hard time understanding that Christ was born the King of kings because He pre-existed that way. People have multiple formulas of raptures and resurrections  blood moons, Nibiru and catastrophe’s and such before Christ can be crowned King in a city built on earth.
A physical man king in a physical city is a fascination of the carnal mind, a fairy tale of fallen fairy’s, doctrines of demons blowing fresh winds with every change in the news, being hardened of heart having not the eyes to see or the ears to hear. These are at odds with God’s eternal un-changeable existence. That which is flesh is flesh, that which is spirit is spirit and it is God who is seeking such to worship Him in Spirit and truth not flesh stuck in time and matter looking to another Jesus to save them.
As Paul had said in that day, you observe days, months, seasons and years, I am afraid for you that I have labored in vain. Or as we would understand in modern English. You have taken the realities of God that are understood only by the Spirit and you have His coming laid out on a timeline defined by raptures and catastophies and resurrections that point to a single event on earth. It is To Him who is eternally as He always was and does not have to become. This is a true and faithful saying.
The Kingdom of God is At Hand! The King is in Zion. The invitation still stands, “Come”

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