Gah-den and the Garden of Eden

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As I was researching the Garden of Eden in the Strong’s and Englishman’s Hebrew concordances, the name Eden has some interesting things. It is spelled with a letter that carries the same sound as our “G”. It is the 16th letter in the Hebrew alphabet which is called “gah-yin”. And Eden in Hebrew is correctly pronounced “gah-den” not Eden. From Strongs # 5729,  This word “gah-den” sounds like “garden” but here is where it gets cool. “gah-den” broken down into syllables comes from two words. #5704 means, unto, forever, and until. It is used in Genesis 3.19 “UNTIL thou return to the ground”.  #2004 is translated, thee, therein, they, them, and (in them). Gah-den can mean “forever (in them)” or “until in them”. This helps define Edens purpose.
Because of the fall Adam was to eat bread until he return to the ground.He was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Adam was judged by God. He was kicked out of being (in Them) and was told “cursed is the ground, in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life, in the sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the dust for from dust you were taken and to dust you will return. This is the judgment of the man of flesh, which is in contrast to the man of the spirit. Blessing in the  Garden are you or “Gahden” which was “blessed are you, by cultivating in Eden/spirit and joining God in His rest you shall eat the produce of the trees and live forever (in them). And who is (them)? The one who said “let Us make man in our image.
The object of Eden was for man to be forever (in them). God is the (they), or (them) in Eden, in the Gah-den. So then the purpose of Eden? To live forever (in THEM). This is what it means to be (In Christ). Jesus who said “We speak what we hear and testify what we have seen” He is (they) and them being we and “let us make man” (The father the spirit and the Son are them).
 Man was made from the dust of the earth and given the breath of life and became a living soul. He was made of contrasting compositions, earth and spirit. When he transgressed he lost the spirit. The spirit that made him a living being departed and he became dead. Meaning not only that he would die and not live forever but that he was dead in the spirit.  When he left the Gah-den, he left the spirit. His actions of sowing and reaping that before brought life while he was in Eden, now brought forth death. From the sweat of his brow he worked to eat bread till he returned to the dust for from dust he was taken, but we know Him who is the bread of life and we eat of Him, we return not to dust but to the Father. This is Eden, gah-den. This is to be in the spirit, (in Them) in Christ.
This is why man must be born again, or made over. He must be made new like he was in the beginning. To enjoy the “Gah-den” he must be born of spirit, meaning get again what Adam and Eve lost, the breath of life. And having this breath of life not of oxygen but the Holy Spirit, an eternal composition of non composition, we now have a sweet relationship with the invisible God like Adam lost, hence the garden of Eden is restored “in Christ”. This is the redemption. To redeem from the fall to restore to the beginning, to Eden. To him that overcomes.
So fallen man eats produce of the earth to grow up to be a full man of dirt, but we eat of a different produce. Not like the manna in the wilderness though. They all died in unbelief except Joshua and Caleb with the new generation. Josh 5.11+12 “they ate the produce of the land on the day after the passover” (from death to life) “the manna had ceased on the day after they had eaten the produce of the land”. These verses refer to spiritual food. Like Jesus said he only spoke in parables, but to the disciples he said He spoke plainly about the father.
The Lord planted a garden and there He put the man whom He had formed and instructed him not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Scripture says “cursed is the man who hangs from a tree”, and it was Christ who hung on a tree for us, and He is the fruit of that tree and He is life. He is the tree of life. “Lo the volume of the book is written of Me” and Eden too is about God and is God in make up and composition of being invisible to the naked eye and carnal senses as are all aspects of God.
As the name Jesus in the Greek is the same as Joshua in the Hebrew and means savior, for his name is what He came to do. He was His name so too the Garden of Eden (Gah-den) carries with it, it’s purpose. We work it not with the sweat of the brow but being leisurely (in them). This is the rest of God.
We then being redeemed, are redeemed from a curse to be restored to the pre-curse relationship. And we sow in the gah-den to reap in the spirit as it was designed for Adam and Eve.
Since we put off the old Adamic man by the working of faith at baptism, are we then naked? If we are waiting for a visible work of God we are. But if we put on Christ we are clothed, and we do this by sowing and reaping, and God is not mocked for whatever a man soweth so shall he reap and what we reap we don’t reap some 2000 plus years after He said it or that is a mockery. You see Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and He said that “she has chosen the good part, that will not be taken. He did not give her an I.O.U.
Before Adam died he was put into a deep sleep then he was split in two, so are all who are of his image. They are sleeping and cannot discern those who said “Let Us make man in Our image and Our likeness.
We have some understanding of the term “In Christ” but simply put, to be “in Christ and the spirit” is to not be “in Adam of the dust”. Hence the term in scripture “Awake!” This is what we do after we put off the old man symbolized by baptism and receive the life Adam was denied being now quickened, or made alive we then “wake up” and reverse the first condition from Adam.
Jesus went to another garden to complete this task after He had said “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also. Here is the purpose of this garden called Galgatha, meaning the skull which is a the dead head, and as Adam died and all flesh returns to dust, the place of the work Christ begins is to renew the mind, the spirit of the mind. The skull is the dead to God mind, being the carnal mind that is enmity against God, this is where redemption takes place. “be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind”.
The human mind attached to the eyes ears and lusts of the flesh is totally unable to see Him who is invisible and close at hand. Christ redeemed us from the garden of the dead skull to restore us to another garden, to a new way of thinking. This garden is an eternal place not associated with time and matter, but of the spirit being the composition of non-matter. It is in our renewed mind that we sow the word of God and reap things of the spirit, not of the dust. what grows, or transforms here is the renewed mind. Not of things seen with eyes of flesh because that just inflames the flesh and the carnal mind, but with the eyes of understanding. What we see we put on, we become.
This is the new life. We put on Christ. As Mary had chosen that which was needful, the part that will not be taken, an eternal gift, so too with us we receive several needful things. We sow, we see, we reap, we receive, we keep. And He who has said “I come and my reward is with Me”, He is invisible and leaves invisible deposits with us that grow within us and we become new in His Kingdom. But this is not a new kingdom in terms of existence but only new in understanding for the kingdom was finished from the foundations of the world. This is why Jesus’s message was “the Kingdom of God is at hand”. Learn of it in the gah-den, meaning in the spirit and become what you learn, be ye transformed in the spirit of the mind that you may know what Gods  good acceptable and perfect will is. Which is?  To be forever (in them). 

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