Scriptural Stewardship Part 2 A Prophets Reward

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We have discussed how a steward is a minister to administer, a distributor to distribute or a dispenser to dispense. That the words steward and dispensation come from the same Greek word in the New Testament. A minister and a steward of scripture distributes the things of God according to what they have received and attained. They can only take you as far as they have been in the faith. And someone who is looking for a second coming Jesus and a second coming Kingdom is not qualified to represent the Kingdom of God at hand.


Time is not a steward and distributor of the Kingdom of God and things of God. The gospel is. And a true minister of the gospel reveals to you what is just beyond the veil of human perception made visible, or knowable only by revelation. Even as Paul said “The gospel that I preach to you did not come by man nor is it taught by man but by revelation of Jesus Christ. Not a 2nd coming revealing.

It is also said in John 2.24+ that Jesus did not commit Himself to man because He knows what is in man. And He had no need for man to testify of Him. So question the sourse. Also it says (John 3.27) “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from above”. So then only those who are born from above can see the Kingdom (John3.3) and it is only those who can say (John 3,11) Most assuredly I say to you we speak what we know and we testify what we have seen”. These are they that are “the least in the Kingdom of Heaven that are greater than John the Baptist” So now we speak.


You see the second coming message is simply a mans convolution of the truth quite frankly because they admitently have never been to the Kingdom they are looking for or they would not be looking without for something that is within (Luke 17.22) They are blind leading the blind. A sorrowful sadness with an empty expectation of a future hope when the thing they are looking for is in the mouth of their sack. TODAY! If you can hear His voice. They hear something else.  (Read 1st post on stewards to understand this)


In Matthew 10 the Lord sends His disciples out to preach saying “The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Having empowered them and given them instruction He then tells them (Verse 40+) He who receives you receives me. He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet receives a prophets reward. He who receives a righteous man receives a righteous mans reward”.


But I have come to you in the name of the Lord with a greater reward for he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than a prophet or a good man. For even the lowest stature person who is in the Kingdom of God of which you seek, is greater than a prophet or good man saying “of those born among women there is none greater than John the baptist, however He who is least in the kingdom is greater than he”. Why? Because even an once of eternity is more important and out weights all time and matter because that is what is being removed. (Hebrews 12.28)


It is the old style prophet who speaks forward of a coming thing that is not yet, but I speak to you what I have seen and testify to you what I hear about the true Kingdom of God. Not speaking forward about a second coming Kingdom that is not yet,  but speaking as one who is from there. For I receive the testimony God has given in His Son and I follow Him where He is that I may be there also, and I do this “that the world may believe” at His command.


If you receive these words you receive more than any prophet or good person. Why? Because those who are in the Kingdom “In Christ” have reassembled the testimony of Christ within themselves having received His fullness, growing up into Him who is the head, who is far above all powers and principalities and powers. We are able to come back and lay out the bread crumbs that Christ left for us so that where He is we may be also. So say I. Lets go up from here.

As we also showed you in the account given of Joseph and His steward to “follow me so that where I am you may be also. That we may be one in the Father and fill to be full in you the words of Jesus that He prayed for you to the Father in John 17 the word “Father I pray not just for these but also those who will believe in Me through their word, that they may be one with us”. This is the Kingdom of heaven.


So the message remains “Go preaching the kingdom of God is at hand!!” (Mt 10.6+) This is the message preached to you from the beginning that the 2nd coming seekers distort and confuse. For that which was from the beginning was never retracted or taken away or the Lords words would not be eternal but seasonal. 1st and 2nd comings? Selah.


So as Jesus said so say I because as He is so are we in this world” Meaning not the man Jesus because He is not that anymore but His true self is as He is, so am I. As He is so are we? He is one with the Father and prayed that for us too. Did you receive that word? He also said “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word and My Father will love him. And we will come to him and make our home in him. Do you have that?


Jesus said if anyone serves me let him follow me that where i am he may be also. Who also said “I am the way” who also said ” and the way you know? And it is not a 2nd coming.


This is the objective of every faithful steward in the things of God. To present every one “In Christ” a perfect citizen. To the full measure and stature of Christ now and not at a second coming but now in Him. Eph 4.13 If you can receive that the Kingdom of God is at hand,then you will get this prize. “That You Father are in Me and I in You, that they also may be one with Us that the world may know.


If you seek a second coming Jesus, you cannot have what we speak about for this is what you deny and make him a liar and reject the testimony that the Father gave you of His Son.

The Kingdom is at hand” also correctly interpretated “immediate”. Repent and believe the true gospel. There is simply no room for a 2000 year gap for the one who has faith, for how is it we overcome the world? Is it of another appearance of another Jesus of another saving one of another gospel to finish what the first Jesus couldn’t do? No! That which overcomes the world for us is our faith in Him in the here and now. 1st John 5.5

Today! If you will hear His voice.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.


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