Adam names. Part 2

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During creation God said that He created all the animals fish and fowl. That to them he gave plants and trees for food. Then peculiarly He says that ” because there was no man to till the earth that no rain was given to cause anything to grow. You see at that moment God the Father designed every plant and tree, leaf and fruit that would ever be from the earth till the end of the need for creation. That man was the need and purpose of creation be it plants or animals.   It was for man to work it and distribute severally at his will. To ” have dominion,  to rule over it. And until man was ready, there was no need to water, to grow or to feed anything man beast fish or fowl.      All these are subject to and given over to Adam to call them what ever he wanted.  He called the shots being master over His world as a parable of what God is. To learn mastery. That through things of time and matter he would learn to participate in the eternal. Which is? To rule and reign with God.  Adam was to call a thing and the thing would become what he called it.

When Jesus Christ came to humanity He called His disciples. To one He said “for you are Peter, the rock, and on this I will build my church. Or better rendered in Greek “I will gather my called out ones”.  You see the man Jesus “called” very much like Adam. “And whatever he called them that is what they were.

So for us too. If we here the called, He calls us from darkness into His light, who calls us to follow Him. And this is not a series of W.W.J.D. but to follow Him where He is that we may be also”. And this supercedes and preempts the need for any of us to wait for a  2nd coming Jesus as though Gods love and purpose is held back by time and matter.

He calls us to Himself, the invisible ubiquitous immortal (unhuman) eternal.  And the only way to do this is for us to become invisible pure and holy for it is written “be ye holy as I am holy”  and “come out (our calling) from among them and I will receive you, lay aside all filthiness of flesh and spirit perfecting holiness in the fear of God”. And we who do this become “pure even as He was pure. 1 John 3.3

Are we not called saints? Are we not called in sanctification of the spirit? Are we not called to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood? His body? His body is not a wafer you put under your tongue .  He is word. John 1.1. This is what we eat. Who we eat.  To become like Him. He is the way to the Father through word. ” The way you know” and this is the way. Not a silly rapture for your body is to be sown corruptible and returns to dust.

Put on virtues. Virtues are invisible attributes.  To be virtuous is to have attributes.  Gods attributes.  These are part and parcel of the gospel.  These are things freely given to us by the Holy Spirit. And this is our purpose and calling.  To become Godly, godlike. Like God. The word. His Son declares Him. Manifests or makes Him know, and we put this on.

” We’ve been given everything that pertains to life and god likeness according to the knowledge of Him who calls us by glory and virtue”.

This is in the here and now. This what we are accountable for and what we will be judged for. Did we put on Christ? Do we receive Him who is invisible?  Then why are you waiting for a physical manifestation?  That is not him. It is the wicked servant that says  ” my Master delays his coming “. This is what ever 2nd coming seeker does. Christ stands here knocking.



In Moses. Not in Adam. An earthen  picture of being in Christ.

This was seen with Moses. Those people were taken to a desert. A baron desolate land with seemingly no water and no vegitation so subsequently no animals insects or life. They had a blank tapestry to fill in. Instead of calling a thing to be, like what was given to Adam. Them showing their fallen nature, they murmured and complained saying; Wish to God we had leeks and garlic like we had in Egypt”.


It was Gods plan for them to speak to the rock to learn to speak forth the provision as they needed it for ” God had not caused there to be any water until man needed it. These people and primarily Moses disobeyed God by striking the rock and making it a work of man and not a work of speaking the word by the spirit. That is what God did as seen in the beginning  “in the beginning God did… and the spirit hovered over the face of the waters.

If we are born again of God being genetically predisposed to be like Him and “call a thing that is not as though it is” then it should be no surprise that during our sojourning on earth that we will not see the provision until we speak it for that is the whole cause and purpose of our sojourning.  To exercise the new creation or the newly creating ability we have in us in the here and now. Of the things of God we are a recipient, receiver and conduit. God places before us a blank tapestry or even like the earth, that it was without form and void. We are given the opportunity to show ourselves to be “a first fruit of His creation ” by adding color and definition to these seemingly ambiguous tapestries being the life circumstances we find ourselves in.  We too should divide and set in order the things given to our care.

It is the im-morally destructive  man  who conquers and divides by brute force that opporates in contrast with the regenerate man who names and sets in order like the one in whose image we resemble.

But  if we abuse this gift it stops. The “give and it shall be given pressed down and over flowing” ceases. Like James says to Weep and morn and howl in your miseries for the judgment coming upon you for you store up treasures on these last days

But this is what some do and call it the will of God. But that is just a false gospel of fear but “perfect love casts out fear because fear involves torment. He who fears has not been perfected in love. It is us who know our God and the abounding gift in us that we manifest by our words, we believe and speak. To us it is given to be “rivers of living water” and as Moses smote the rock and was cursed, God smote the true Rock his Son for Him to be cursed for us, for us to receive what is gifted to His Son. This we believe and speak and it becomes our reality.


So much like with Moses in the wilderness being dry baron and desolate, God gives us a blank page to paint our own tapestry, our own collage, our own creation. This is is us bringing forth the living waters” that the hearer of the word may have the thing that is said. This is the gospel and the salvation of your soul in this age and not another.

So you be the living waters. You be the change agent. By your work of word and by portraying The invisible attributes you have adopted from Christ who revealed the face of the Father. Not for saving the earth. No Christ is already a credited that. But permeate the sphere of influence given you as a good steward who says “my Master delays not His coming.

The Kingdom of God is at hand! !

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