Jump Starting Faith

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Gen 15 the word of the Lord came to Abraham saying… and this is how He comes to us. Word. This is not a one time event to happen at the end of this age that some call a second coming. The Lord lived vicariously thru His Son, and His Son is Word. This is how He comes to us also, over and over and over until we get it. Until we become a perfect man,  to ” the full measure and statue of Christ” a duplicate. A son of glory doing what a son does, the works of His Father.  It was God who did everything by word. No store bought ingredients,  no cranes no tractors no construction crews. Only Word. (Heb 11.3 + wind Pet 3.7)
   It was in the old Testament that God continually showed  Himself as Word. He unveiled Himself in this way. We call it revelation and manifestation for our transfiguration to become more and more like Him.
   He showed Himself to Samuel by word and as many prophets as were called of God, heard His Word and spoke His word. We call this “prophecy “.
It was the purpose of Moses to sanctify,  exemplify,  magnify and extol the word. He was instructed to “speak to the rock” for it to bring forth water. But the Lord said “because you did not believe Me to hallow me in the eyes of the children of the israel, you shall not bring this congregation into the land I promised to give them”. And this was the cause of Aarons death and the reason Moses never entered the land but died on Mt Nebo which overlooked the promised land that for 40 years has just a few miles away. They rejected Gods word as their solution. This people murmured   Which is the opposite of of speaking Word. Instead of blessing they cursed themselves.
You see it was by a word Moses was to show forth His new man, the one having the angel of death pass over to then be delivered from all his enemies by crossing over the Red Sea symbolizing baptism, to then start over in a new land being a new people on the other side of death symbolizing the new invisible creation being the spirit man that does the work of the Father of spirits.  Moses was instructed to speak to the rock being a work of word and spirit but instead he trusted in his Adamic nature and “smote the rock”. He did not hallow the Lord God.
It was said of the commander that asked Jesus to heal his son that Christ said of him ” I have not seen such a great faith, no not in all if Israel” because he said “Master just say the word and I know it will be done”. This is not only the power of the Father and the power of Christ, but the power given to believers in Christ.  We believe his word, we keep His word, and we become word.  We aquire this gift by faith. The same creative power that created all ages and dominions, that raised Christ from the dead, is our inheritance.  To say a thing and have the thing come to be. A thing that was not becomes the thing that is. (Eph 1.19)
   With Joshua they had opportunity to go into the land again. It was with a new generation from those who murmured and complained. This new generation was instructed collectively “to shout” and the walls of Jericho would fall down. This showed the work of the spirit that conquers every enemy being “the sword of His mouth and the brightness of His coming” being anytime and every time anywhere Word is spoken by a saint in faith.
   Have you used Word lately?  Did the Word of Faith work for you? Do you have the faith of a mustard seed that can move mountains? Than you need to concentrate on what we are saying. You need to hear with your heart and see with your understanding for if you are looking for Him with carnal eyes and human ears like the 2nd coming purveyors suppose then this will pass you by because He only speaks to the Adamic person in parables so that seeing they will not see and hearing they will not hear for the heart if this people has grown dull, calloused and hardened. It was all the law, the feasts and prophets that were to describe holy things, pure and invisible. They were metaphors, or parables to make clear the invisible. “See that you make them according to what you saw on the mount” where no man or beast could touch or they would die. But some how today the flesh fed religious nature of man thinks the timeless God will appear in time and matter. Him who said “My Kingdom is not from this age” will live by the clock? And they describe Word as a one time future event and negate the principle of the ubiquitous nature of God. “Behold I stand at the door and knock”. Do you hear? Well let Him in so you can dine with Him. So you can dine with us on the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.
   So here is for those who “have ears to hear” of a different nature, a new one, their new creation that is exempt from the old, not being subject to the old, the old is subject to us, speak. Speak anything in the name of the Son and our Father will do it. “You have not because you ask not, and you ask to consume for your carnal nature “.
   Believe in Word,  receive the Word, become the Word and speak. For of His fullness we have received “. Nothing is held back for another Jesus. That is the lie “if possible to deceive the elect “. It can fool the Adamic who us looking for another work, but for those of us who know? We who have ears to hear? We consume those lies “with the breath of His mouth and the brightness if His coming” in the here and now.
Is it a second coming Jesus that saves or delivers for us to overcome the world?
1st John 5.4 whoever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has (already) overcome the world,  our faith”. And it is the faith attached to Word. Gods Word. Gods Son. His Son is Word and our salvation. The salvation crew is in full swing to save you from this world and it is Gods Son through the Gospel. This is the Good News. Who is that other Jesus people wait for?

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