Cast out the bond woman with her son

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Cast out the bond woman with her son!

In previous post we explained how Heavenly Jerusalem is made up of invisible components being laid upon the foundation of the apostles with Christ the Chief foundation stone and we are living stones. We are no longer strangers but fellow citizens and members of the house hold of God.
Paul had learned this having graduated from defending Jerusalem of old and Judaism being a Pharisee of the most religious sect. He then preached the faith he once persecuted. There was Jesus Christ who rescued Paul from the deep dark and Stage that Judaism had digressed into, for him to fill all in all.
So it is with his revelations in Galatians that brought him to this point, as well as us if we are able to receive it. “Cast off the Bond woman and her son for her son shall not be heir with the son of promise”. And this we must do.
Paul was explicit that earthen Jerusalem was in bondage to the elements of the earth of E=mc square, but that Heavenly Jerusalem was not. She is the city come down of God from heaven being flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone of invisible components, as are you if you are born of Her. “The mother of us all”. Paul had learned of the contrasts of visible verse the invisible.
The book of Hebrews explains that the visible were just shadows, or dark images of the invisible serving only in contrasts.  The law being the gospel of death explained only by contrasts the law of the spirit of life.
Earthen Jerusalem being subject to “days, months, seasons and years”. But “Heavenly Jerusalem has no need for the sun or moon because the lamb is its light” being much superior to the sun of creation as carnally experienced. Paul saw this eternal light being “7 times brighter” saying “who are you Lord?”
The lamb is the focal point of all eternity in the heavens and not Budah or Muhammad or a 2nd coming Jesus. (Revelation 21.23)
It was Paul who explained that a servant and a son are indistinguishable. That the children of God are under guardians and tutors until faith comes. And it is not at a 2nd coming but “when  faith comes” that we learn to see “Heavenly Jerusalem come down from God from above”, which is “the Mother of us all” who are heirs by faith. And we see Her because we “cast off the Bond woman and her son” as being the thing that keeps us out of the Kingdom now.
 If we hold on to the concept of urban type City for the kingdom of God, we cannot receive the invisible one. We cannot have a future expectation of the Hope to come as in a prophetic nature and received the one that was prepared from the foundation of the world at the same time.
We no longer see Jerusalem on earth as playing a predominant role with God. You can’t have the old outward expectation of a physical Jerusalem and the invisible spiritual reality at the same time. You have to get rid of the old earthen model.  This is what it means to “cast off”. To cut off and be done with a physical city on earth as pleasing to God. It only suits your carnal fascination but is of zero eternal value but to distract and deceive.
 Earthen Jerusalem of that time served us only to explain by contrasts who our real Mother is. It is the bondwoman in contrast of the woman of the free. So “cast off the bond woman and her son”. Purge your mind and understanding and be renewed in the spirit of your mind by this truth.
It was Christ who said of that city “not one stone shall be left upon another”. And as all of His words are carried out to completion so was this. It was fulfilled. All the laws, buildings the sacrifices and the feasts and the city are fulfilled and eternally shelved.  “Christ condemned sin in the flesh”. He put it out of business with all the articles, feasts, the laws and the city are sown corruptible to be raised in understanding. That city was removed because she was the object of  spiritual adultery.
As it says in Revelation that Christ was slain in what is spiritually called Sodom and Gamora, the earthen city of Jerusalem.  She shadowed the things of God in the absence of light, and image in contrast. She was idolized by all the Jews as being Devine and not understanding the invisible reality that city dimly imaged. As Christ said to those people “you are not entering the Kingdom, and you are not allowing those who are trying to do so”. And the Eire thing? They were standing in Jerusalem on earth thinking they were in God’s Kingdom waiting for their King to arrive in a carnal way. Hmm! Does this also sound familiar? But even when Christ was accused of being the King of Jews He replied. “You have rightly said I am a king. For this reason I was born. But my Kingdom is not of this world or my servants would fight. But now my Kingdom is not from here “. That is right because she is other worldly. She is the one “come down of God from heaven”.
You see Christ did not have to come down to become a king. He was born a king because he is eternally a king being “King of kings and Lord of lords.
The Jews were charged with keeping people out of the Kingdom by having them in the shadow replica on earth without explaining to them the invisible counter-part. They stole the souls of men and enslaved them In the law for their carnal establishment on earth as Jerusalem and Israel of old and of our day. “The city which is spiritually called Sodom”. The one on earth that keeps them out of heaven.
But even as John 3 says that “those who are born again can see the Kingdom of God, and those who are born above can enter the Kingdom of God”. Can you see Her? Can you enter Her? Those scriptures do not refer to a carnal Jerusalem of old or our day.
Can you see “Heavenly Jerusalem adorned like a bride come down from Heaven” Her rightful estate? Or do you worship the carnal, visual pathetic idolic contrast?  But CAST OFF THE BOND WOMAN AND HER SON, for her son shall not be heir, and neither shall you if you adhere to such idolic notions. Those who are looking to earth for another kingdom come are not qualified to represent the Kingdom of God at hand come down of God from heaven.
 Even in the law theLord said “when you build me a temple, you shall not use hewn stone” showing that it is not of human endeavor. This affection was rightly due to the Bride of Christ, the Mother of us who are born again of the spirit.  And John 4 ” the time that is coming now is when you will neither on this mountain or in Jerusalem worship the Father. For the Father is spirit and truth and seeketh such to worship Him”. Nothing about Him or His Kingdom is carnal.” Is the time now ripe for you? The time is still now. Today is the day if you can hear.
Earthen Jerusalem of today serves no Heavenly purpose at all but to deceive. And if you are waiting for the Kingdom of God to appear as though she is not yet, who is your mother and from whom are you born? And how can you say you are born again if your mother is not yet built? And if you are bone of her bone and flesh of her flesh, are you going to be a structure on earth to be walked on? If she’s of brick what are you?
We are of the spirit written on tablets not of stone but the heart. Our invisible part and not the thing that goes thump, thump.
And how can a future structure be considered the Bride of Christ anymore than a statue of stone or a tree could have been a help mate for Adam. But it is Heavenly Jerusalem that comes out of Heaven from God, being fashioned with timeless, ubiquitous, eternal, immortal building blocks as the “kingdom that is not of this creation”. She is not governed by 24 hour increments and not made with “hewn stone” of man’s devising.  She is as eternal, immortal and invisible as He is being made up of His invisible components being “the Kingdom prepared from the foundations of the world”. She pre-existed. She is timeless and ubiquitous as is Her Husband. (Heb 13.8) Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.
To describe Christ as a silly king on planet earth in a carnal city with an address and a zip code restricted by space and time, spits in the face of “the King of kings and the Lord of lords and His counterpart of the Heavenly City, “Jerusalem come of God from heaven”
So join us in “looking to the city whose builder and maker is God” and “since you are raised in Christ seek the things that are above” and not below. Cast off the the bond woman (Jerusalem on earth)
THE KINGDOM OF GOD that is without restriction  IS now as always AT HAND

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