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For those of us who are “born again” we too are non-spacial nor time specific eternal beings. That is for those of us who are “in spirit and truth”. Like the woman at the well expecting a person and an event. The time that is coming now is!. (John 4)
For those of us who know this, we are “hidden in Christ”.  And because we are “in Christ” we see all the things “hidden in Christ”,  our full inheritance is here. As Christ said “he who has seen Me has seen the Father” and so we do. It is us who see the Father face to face.  That “we are being transformed into the same full image as beholding our image in a mirror, are being transformed from the glory to the glory”. There is no other way. We are of the circumcised of the flesh who putting off the deeds of our flesh, worship God in spirit and in truth. We have no trust in our time spatial creature called the flesh. And as it was said of Christ “in him dwells the fullness of the God head body, that we are complete “in him’. We already have what you are looking for. That we have not been deprived of anything. The father has explicitly defined and described Himself in His Son. For those of us who are “hidden in Christ” we see “all the hidden treasures” there. Here.
It is those of us who’ve been “begotten again to a Living Hope” “begotten by the word of Truth” and by the Holy Spirit that become spirit and Truth. We have eternal life. We have immortality.
It is spoken about in Hebrews of those who “desired a Homeland” and if they wanted a Homeland that was of the earth, God would have given them the opportunity. But now they desire a better one an invisible and Heavenly one, being a non spatial and not time specific one. And Hebrews goes on to say “for this reason God is not ashamed to call them his children because they desire a Heavenly Kingdom. Not made up of EMC=square like our carnal body.
We “do not refuse the voice that speaks from heaven”. We hear the call and rise up even now. And because it has naught to do with the flesh and blood for that does not inherit the Kingdom. It is sown a physical body and raised up a spiritual one like the Lord. (1 Corinthians 15. 44-50) There is no rapture of the carnal body for this reason. Time sensitive special creatures do not inherit the Kingdom. You must be born again of spiritual composition. And if we speak to you early things and you do not understand how can we tell you plainly about the “immortal, eternal, invisible father?
For those of us who have acquired this we can say as the man Jesus did that “no one has ascended but he who descended and no one returns accepted the son of man who is in heaven”. Showing himself that in his carnality he was on earth fully in the kingdom and fully in heaven. This we can do too. This is our transformation and our transfiguration in a spiritual way only. God is spirit and Truth in the , His Word is spirit and truth and “seeketh such to worship Him”. The flesh profits nothing.
We who “behold as in a mirror the glory, are transforming into this Glory. We are not detained in any way from receiving the glory except for lack of faith and persistence, for it has been given. Father I the glory you have given Me I have given them. (John 17.22)
There are those of us who are completely awake from our Adamic slumber. We have risen from the dead in spirit that Adam passed on to us. We arise to the father that is passed on to us by our new nature “in Christ”. We see there the exactitude of the Father in the Son. And be holding them in this way we see gifted to us the exact same thing and received this. We see in the Son the Father and in the Son we see our selves, we are the elect. Because God is the Father of glories, until we receive our Glory we are not fully begotten. But we who are born of this way have transformed from time-sensitive special creatures into an exactitude of God in spirit and in truth. All of the gifts delicacies and pleasures that the Father has are ours even now. We have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies” our new home. Christ said “I go to prepare a place for you to be with Me where I am and He did. And so we are. He who said “let there be light” had an immediate response. What are you waiting for? A second coming?
Moses experienced a veiled Glory that was passing, but with us the veil is fully dissolved and there remains no more delusion. For “the vail is taken away In Christ”. (2 Corinthians 3.140
It is because of these things that it is clear and evident that a second coming being related to time and matter as being the fulfillment of God’s word and work is a strong dillusion if possible to deceive the elect. “We once knew Christ in the flesh”, in a carnal way, “but henceforth we know him that way no more”. A second coming Jesus is a time specific event for a carnally, visual Jesus who undeifies the image of God by removing Him from His element. And as the Jews were condemned for this saying “although they knew God they glorified him not as God but changed the glory of The Incorruptible God into the image of a corruptible man”, So these do and are self condemned by depriving themselves through vainglory of the purposes of God. Falling back underneath the veil of the prophets of old. Even as John the baptist was condemned saying “are you the coming one?” Christ did not reply to that absurdity. There was nothing that Jesus had to become that He was not already and therefore the absurdity was a great darkness of fear and grief. And so it is the second coming purveyors who persists in their way at denying the very words that we present to you today. They say it comes with carnal observation and denied that it does not. They say his kingdom is of this age and he must return to fight and deny his word where he said his king is not of this creation. And in many ways they persist in a headstrong way to deny the Chief Cornerstone as did the Jews and receiving themselves their just reward, which is? Absolutely nothing. They are poor blind and naked. These know not the father nor the son but their own delusion quite clearly. In scripture warns of these who try to steal the inheritance that we’ve described to you.
“For this reason God send forth a strong delusion that they may believe a lie to those who took pleasure in unrighteousness”. They take pleasure in this unrighteous age. They take expired, shelved and fulfilled scripture and lay them out on a timeline for a future fulfilling  of another savior and another saving in a carnal way and reject the first saving. “He who believes that Christ came in the flesh is of God, He who does not confess that Christ already came in the flesh is not of God”. So you judge. Who is the liar?
The message of the early disciples was “the Kingdom of God is now”. The people “of the way” of “the called” are the sojourners who arise inside with those who look for a city whose builder and maker is God made up of components, elements and features that are specific to Him and not specific to mankind. These are elementally different, but those born of the spirit can and do. And because the kingdom of God are elements of God himself and we are “in Christ”, we see these elements there and have the culmination of the Gospel. The gospel has its conclusion in us. We reach our destiny which is Him. We need to go no further. Paul pleaded for us to “be reconciled to the father.” We also fulfill the words that “old things have passed away and all things become new” because for us the transition has taken place. We seek no other transition for that is a lie. For those that believe that lie are poor blind and naked. But we sow physical things to acquire spiritual ones. One revelation at a time “till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ; (Ephesians 4.13)
When John the Apostle said “the world does not know us because it does not know him”, it is here that they cannot understand the things of which we speak that are not just dead words. They carry with it the very essence of the things that are said which is God himself. And scripture attests to this saying “to as many as received him to them He gave power to become his children even to those who believe in his name. So we see the tools of our faith are our faith from Faith to Faith and our transition takes no form of time and matter at all. Our destiny is not time specific.
The kingdom of God is eternally and always at hand for those who know and believe the truth. Those words were first spoken by the son who became flesh and dwelt Among Us saying the “time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand”.

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