Law: The Law and the Feasts were not part of Gods original plan

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“The law was added till Faith Comes”. (Galatians 3.19)
The law was not part of God’s original plan so you should not be surprised that it is not part of the conclusion or the culmination. The law was created to be a containment center for servants and a learning center for those who would be heirs of faith as spelled out in Galatians chapter 4, However it was not part of the original plan. We had to be redeemed from it.
Paul said he did not know sin except by The law. The law came and worked all manner of desire in him and slew him. For carnal man the law kills and therefor is called “The gospel of death written and engraved on stones” 2 Corinthians 3. This is why the law was added. “To make sin exceedingly sinful”.
  So when does this temporary fix called the law and prophets end? With Christ.  Galatians 4.But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born[a] of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, “.
 And This already happened thereby rendering the law with all the buildings, articles, feasts and city are now unnecessary. They were all dependant upon each other as a nation that displayed shadows and images in countrasts of the invisible things of God. Even as “Heavenly Jerusalem comes down of God from Heaven” being the Kingdom from before the foundations of the world.  The law was added till faith comes bearing a counter resemblance as were all the artifacts expired with the old covenant. Faith came and all the law and prophets were till Christ. They are now fulfilled and expired. One kingdom expired and “the Kingdom of God is at hand”. 
Because of this we have the New Covenant which is written and engraved not on tablets stones but on our hearts, God’s living stones. As Peter said “we are living stones”. We exchange the visible for the invisible. As Paul put it “sown corruptible, raised incorruptible. Sown a physical thing, raised a spiritual one. “Each one in their own order and not at a culmination called the end.

So then the question is asked “Do we then make void the law through faith? Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law.” Yes it is settled.  It is a foundation. A starting point gifted to us by faith to stand on “for Those who are least in the Kingdom are greater than the prophets.” This is why the apostles are described as the foundation to the Kingdom of God and the gates are the names of the prophets.  But the overcomer is a pillar in the house of God as are we. The apostles and prophets are the substructure and we are the living stones with Christ the cornerstone. The stone the old covenant rejected because they wanted a physical one like the second coming seekers.  The time you are looking for now is when you shall not seek God in Jerusalem but in spirit and truth. We are the living stones built together for God to habitat with us in the spirit. This is something that never becomes visible to the carnal eye.

 We are  (Hebrews 12.22) of “the spirits of just men made perfect”. How? By faith. From faith to faith.  We who have begun in The spirit perfect nothing in a carnal way. Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom but the renewed in the spirit of the mind does.
 So no kingdom on earth can represent God or correctly portray this invisible city called Heavenly Jerusalem come down of God from Heaven built upon the acts of the apostles made up of composition uniquely suitable for the invisible God. These things we talk about are the building blocks of invisible things in the spirit.  For “He is the God who gives life to the dead and calls the things that are not as though they are”. Gods Kingdom just is, believe it or not.
In Hebrews 9 it says that “The Holy Spirit indicating that the way into the holiest not available while the first one is standing. It needed to expire so as to not compete with its replacement. So goes every concept of God. Sown coruptible,  raised in understanding. That is why the old one was ripped top to bottom so that even the ground quaked. Mt 27
Having an expectation of re-establishing the old is also the veil of the gospel of death spoken by Paul.  “For even today the veil lies over the heart for the veil is done away”, in Christ. Fulfilled in Christ.  Yes the linear message had an end as all’s things associated with time and matter expire to reach this point.
 And the good and evil and the cursing and the blessing is displayed in the contrast of the old Covenant and the New Covenant. The Covenant that genders death, in the Covenant that generates life. The law brings about a consciousness of sin for without that Consciousness first you would not understand righteousness. The righteousness of faith. That “what is required of us is done by God.
The law, Jerusalem and all The earthen articles were given as a contrast of things in the spirit. The spirit is Gods construct. The law brings about the curse but faith brings life. They are contrasts of each other. Old covenant and new. Old wine,  new wine.
 The scripture differentiates between the message from Abraham and the message from Moses, and Christ came to renew the law of faith.
So it was of the people called the Jews in the time of Christ who were in possession of the laws, feasts and ordinances of the old covenant that expired because of the weakness of the flesh.
 The demise of the law and the prophets was so huge in fact that Jesus Christ said the blood of all the profits from Abel to Zachariah shall be required of the Jewish culture. Why would God want to rebuild that worthless covenant.  After all how many righteous did it produce? None!no not one. (Romans 3) By the deeds of the law their were none pleasing to God.  Hence the retirement of the old, and the instigation of the new. There are no other covenants. Which one are you in? The gospel of death or life? Wasn’t the Jerusalem of that day the spiritual city called Sodom? (Revelation 11.8)
If in the Jerusalem of that day “was laid the judgment of all the prophets from Able to Zachariah who was slain between the porch and the altar” because the prophets couldn’t get them past the sin to acceptance from God. They lived in guilt and condemnation, for they sought it not by faith but fact. What are we waiting for to believe? A rebuilding the old and wait for a second coming? Sounds like what the Jews were looking for. A man called Messiah to crown king.
He is already King of kings and Lord of lords” whether we see it or not. He defeated His enemies at the cross.  Many  just haven’t accepted it yet. The only enemies for them are your doubts and fears. Christ neutralizes the real ones at the cross.
The Kingdom of God is at hand and operational in our generation. “The lines have gone out to the ends of the earth.” Of the Jerusalem of today? Don’t be distracted by that. For nothing avails anything but the new creation,  Heavenly Jerusalem the Mother of us all. (Galatians 4-6) The old gives no positive dividends but judgment.

The Kingdom of God is at hand because it’s predecessor has been fulfilled

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