Incognito 2

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1 John 3.1  Now we are the children of God.  the world does not know us because it did not know Him.”  They did not know Him because they couldn’t see Him as He is. They thought he was a carnal body. “He came in the appearance of a man” but in the beginning He was word. He never changed from that.  That is why the world does not know Him. And because they can’t see  Him as word, they cannot see us who became word. Us who have taken the various truths hidden in scripture, pluck them off The pages and integrate them into our mind to become the thing that is said. To become godly. Christlike.

The thing that is said is words. But more specifically the Word that God said is a very piece of Himself we call “the only begotten of God the father”. And because God cannot be partitioned or broken down in the spirit, when He sent His Son,  He went with Him. Christ said “I and the Father are One”. But it was not that God had to go anyplace He wasn’t already for “it is in Him we live and dwell and have our being.

So what’s the difference? God is everywhere except in the region’s of the minds that don t allow Him in, either by ignorance,  fear, or rejection. This is a debase mind of “the fall” thay has no bottom. This is walking in darkness. But in Him is no darkness at all. It is We the elact who “walk in the light as He is the light” who know this. He is not in the light. He is the source of light and we are in Him. We have no darkness at all.

This is why the Son said “I and the Father are one”.  They separated once at the cross to fill the Spirit void called darkness. The Fathers association is the invisible and the Sons is the flesh. For this reason He was also called the son of man. It is the spirit that fills all and all.

This breakdown is shown with Abraham when the Three Angels appeared. Abraham had relationship with the Father the Son and the spirit. However at the Judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah only two of those angels went for judgment. They were two of the aspects of the godhead. It was the people in Sodom who are outside in darkness asking to bring out the two angels that they may know them. And this is rejecting God. To expect God to become visible. To ignore the ever ready, ever present hand to save you. To reject knowing Him.

This is the same knowing as Adam and Eve. It is a dna transfer. As Paul said “now that we have known God or rather known by God”. These people wanted to know them carnally, in a physical way. Meaning they did not want to accept Them in their true construct of who they are, spirit and Truth. So they devise a scheme and they call it a second coming because they have to see to believe.They take all the things fufilled in Christ and say they still need to be accomplished. The Son who said at the cross “it is finished” didn’t finish salvation and must come again to defeat satan sin and death. If God honors that bunch of “wait and see”, He would have to apologize to the Jews who were anialated for believing the same thing. As then and now it is “from faith to faith” no visuals st all. “It comes not with observation”. But so these persist headstrong in there insistance in rejecting tge first Christ. The “behold I stand at the door and knock”.

And this is the demise of the second coming message. Sodom is the place where our Lord was slain which is also called spiritually Sodom and Gomorrah but physically known as Jerusalem (Rev 11). And the sad thing is it’s the second coming Seekers who are in the same estate as Sodom. “Bring them out so we may know them”.

Just as you must equip yourself with underwater gear to see sea life, you must go to the Spirit to see God for that is what He is. No one has seen God at anytime. But the Son declares Him. He is the Fathers own publication of Spirit and truth. His Words are “spirit and life”. The gospel is to reiterate and broadcast this publication.

We who are born of the spirit are born by the word of truth to be a kind if firstfruits of the Spirit to associate with the One who is Eternal, Immortal and Invisible. We must put these things on. Put on Christ. The one who is everywhere all the time who needs no other formal introduction than “I am that I am”. And so He is believe it or not.

Scripture was given to bring us tp perfection in the likeness of Christ (Ephesians 4). This is our conclusion and realization of who we are in Christ. “Who is he who overcomes the world? He who believes that Christ came in the flesh”. (1 John) He doesn’t need to come and do it again.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.

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