End of the Gentiles

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 Jerusalem today is  being fitted for a coming Messiah. That Christ is a fairytale. It’s a tale of Fallen fairies meant to deceive. It is anti-christ because it is the pretender. Taking scripture that was meant to define the invisible “kingdom of God at hand”. Like with God telling Moses “see that you make everything according to the pattern I showed you”. You see there was an original the earthly things were patterned after. But someone has stolen the things of God and called them their own.

Today’s Jerusalem is anti-christ. It is anti-christ because it offers an alternate.  A counterfeit.  And it is a counterfeit because it uses old scriptures to re-fullfill the things that were already fulfilled, expired and taken away “in Christ”. “All things are new in Christ” and not in modern day Jerusalem or the false Jews who know this. They are of the synagogue of satan. Rev 2.9

Jesus Christ came preaching “the kingdom of God is at hand and all are pressing in to Her”. And He was not talking about Jerusalem on planet Earth. The stewardship of the things of God was taken from the Jews and given to the Gentiles. Why? Because they killed all The prophets who were sent to them, then finally in their last act of defiance they crucified Christ.
The time of the Gentiles came after the time of the Jews was over. And when the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled, it is because the time for salvation of the Gentiles, meaning humanity, is over. (2 Peter 3.10+ and Hebrews 12.27+)
When the times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled, it is because it looks like the times of the Jews that were fulfilled. It is a Time when the Gentiles concept of God matches that of the condemned Jerusalem of old by looking for a king to reign in the Kingdom they build on earth. Like God could become a pet in a box for their pleasures. Who serves who?
The modern Jew and some modern Christians have become very close friends and allies because they believe the same things. But it is not as though todays Jews have elevated to the message of Christ in the scriptures of the New Covenant and jys Kingdom. No it is that the modern-day message of Christianity matches that of the Jews of old. They like the old wine better. They reappropriate scriptures meant for back then and repackage it for today. God who previously only spoke in parables through the old covenant, now speaks plainly through the New. (Mt 13.34) They have fallen. It is just as fruitless. How many righteous  did the Jews of old produce? “None, no not one” Romans 3.10. But today we want to rebuild that system of salvation?
How can we say that of the modern Jew and many Christians? Because they asked the same question as did the Satanic Pharisees who were chiding Jesus when they said “when does the kingdom of God appear?” They were showing their mindset and what they were looking for and what they were hoping for was something yet to come visible to their carnal senses. But scripture affirms that “many are pressing into the Kingdom”.  When you tell them “the kingdom of God is at hand”,  they argue with you and tell you; no it’s later. The Jews are re- starting the sacrifices and building the temple for Christ to come back.
Jesus Christ told these vulchers, this brood of vipers and sons of Satan, these Whited sepulchres that “you are not entering the kingdom nor are you allowing those who are trying to do so”. Showing here that the kingdom of God could be entered back then, and it was not the thing on earth called Jerusalem. For how could the Christ have said “you are not entering nor allowing those to do so” when they were standing in the Jerusalem of old on earth they thought was the Kingdom of God back then?

When Christ became flesh and dwelt Among Us, while he was talking to the Pharisees he said “destroy this Temple and I will re-build it in three days”. Even then they thought he was talking about the silly structures in the city on Earth called Jerusalem. But he was speaking of his body. His invisible body is the temple of God and not a thing chiseled out of stone with man’s devising. And furthermore we are living stones built together a habitation of God in the Spirit, showing an invisible strucyure. (1 Peter) This is how we the elect can say. “We are fellow citezines,  saints, and members of the household of God having been built upon the foundations of the apostles and the prophets, with Christ our chief cornerstone “. This is the kingdom of God! Not that silly thing on a plot of land called modern day Jerusalem.  That is blasphemy.

For you see even back then the temple that they considered sacred and holy was built by an Edomite called Herod. The Jews being 1/12 of the tribes of Israel, and Israel was a people not a plot of land. They should’ve known back then that  Jerusalem was not holy. They were instructed not to put any man’s tools on any of the stones that they used to build. However they were completely satisfied with not only haveing chiseled stone, but also having somebody build it for them without any permission or blueprints from the Living God. What an unholy alliance. And if that wasn’t bad enough then, how about today where they call the buildings there now “the Temple of Herod”, when actually that structure was built as a fortress for the armies of Titus that decimatedthe Jerusalem of old “till not one stone shall be left upon another”. (Mt 24.1) But many say nay.
You see when the disciples were questioning Christ in amazement about the city and the fabulous structures and the buildings when Christ told them “not one stone should be left upon another that shall not be cast down”. Showing for us here that what they are calling the Jewish temple today, was really a Garrison for the Armies of Titus who was commissioned by Rome to level and obliterate  Jerusalem of old. Check your facts.
 So realistically from God’s view looking at blueprints that He had given the Israelites to build something in the likeness of things in heaven saying “make these all things according to what you see on the mountain”. But this thing they were looking at then called Jerusalem in Israel was a monstrous thing. It was a compilation of components that had nothing to do with God’s Kingdom or His doing other then He had given them up to their own lusts to do as they wish. (Romans 1.)  “For although they knew God, they did not retain the knowledge of God and He gave them up. They turned the Glory of the incorruptible God into the image of a man”. So again they do again in this age and they call Him the second coming Jesus, a phrase not found once in scripture. If God hadn’t given the Jews up, the enemies would not have been able to overcome and Destroy them. But God ochastrated their demise for rejecting and murdering His Son. The whole nation said at His crucifixion “his blood be upon us” and so it was.
Today we see even a greater looking monstrous thing than the last Israel. A beast, an abomination. A city whose foundations are apartheid, murder and deceit and not “righteousness and truth”. With military support, neighborhoods of natives are bulldozed and mowed over to make room for more and more zealots leaving the established culture pushed out of their own homes, neighborhoods, land and forced to live outside a wall like the Nazis built in Germany, without modern provisions. Umm. That is not the God that I know. That’s more like Hitler.
The modern Jerusalem whose government buildings and kaneset are clearly lined with Satanic symbols, whose inception was deceit and war and the sacrifice of innocent lives, showing who their father is. “For you know those who say they are Jews but are of the synagogue of Satan”. Do you? The evidence is there. “You will know them by their works” So look at the displaced, imprisoned, maimed and fatherless of the culture they circumvented and are bringing to extinction and be ashamed.
When the Son of God comes will he really find faith on Earth? Will there be reward, or judgment? Do you allege yourself with the synagogue of Satan? Do you believe “the lie if possible to deceive the elect?
In the time of Christ on earth there were those wanting the Kingdom of God to appear (Luke 17) and Christ told His disciples “do not go after them”.  So we say again in our day “RUN THE OTHER WAY! That is THE LIE. It is the counterfeit, mimicker, the look alike, wannabe, pretender and carnal replacement of Heavenly things fulfilled “in Christ”.
“The Kingdom of God is at hand” and it is not over there.