The Bride 5 The revelation of Jesus Christ

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 The Revelation of Jesus Christ
The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ was written to reveal things about Jesus Christ. The word revelation is an extension of the word reveal. It comes from the Greek word apocalypse. Apocalypse does not mean the complete destruction of the world or cataclysm.  It means an unveiling; to uncloak and make visible. This is very similar to, for example,  when a civic center has a statue underneath a blanket to be taken off at a certain time to show (reveal to) its’ citizens. There is an unveiling of what’s underneath.

 The Book of Revelation is about; revealing, unveiling, making visible the things about Jesus Christ, not apocalypse in the sense of cataclysms. If the book’s main theme was cataclysms, then that would be the climax of the book but it is not — Heavenly Jerusalem is.
It is interesting that through the Book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, the conclusion of the matter is Heavenly Jerusalem. Heavenly Jerusalem is the theme and the object of the book, not destruction. Just as scripture starts off explaining things in contrasts, so too, does the book of “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”, but instead of  contrasting light and dark, it details the contrasts of the beast and the Bride.

 Colossians 3 says that “since we are risen with Christ, we should seek the things that are above”. We are not to seek the things on earth, as far as the kingdom of God goes.

 Contrast is God’s language which is intended for us, the elect, to more clearly understand our glorious estate. Through these contrasts we clearly ascertain that God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all, to which we aspire.
 We must ask, if the book is the revelation of Jesus Christ, then why has it unveiled a city? I mean, isn’t Jesus Christ a man in heaven waiting to come back to be seen by everyone?
Well, Heavenly Jerusalem is the Kingdom of God at hand. She is “the Kingdom prepared from the foundations of the world”. She is the bride of Christ and the mother of all of His children. She is bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh of the Eternal composition of the Father. This is why Paul said, “We are now fellow citizens, saints and members of the household of God, having been built upon the foundations of the apostles and the prophets with Jesus Christ, our chief cornerstone.” Whose citizens we are, if we have accepted that “we are living stones built up into a habitation of God in the spirit. The prophets are our gateways into the kingdom of God. The apostles works established this fact on which we stand. Of these, scripture says “John the Baptist was greatest of the prophets, but he who is least in the kingdom is greater than he.” Why are we greater? Because we speak  more clearly  of the things they just alluded to. The Father has given us keys to the kingdom, and we have entered in. We know who our parents are. The Kingdom of God is within us and not without. (Luke17.22)

 That which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is Spirit. Heavenly Jerusalem comes down from God of Heaven adorned as a bride. She takes on no physical features such are common to man. “Flesh and blood does not inherit the Kingdom,” but the re-spirited mind of faith does.

 This is why  the Book of John, talking of being born again, says that “Only those born-again can see the kingdom,” and we do. And, “Only those who are born from above can enter the kingdom,” and we do that as well. To enter the kingdom of God is to partake of your Mother and the Bride of Christ, they are one in the same called Heavenly Jerusalem our mother (Galatians 4:26)

 The light and dark of scripture is to separate the wheat from the tares, the goats from the sheep. Christ told Nicodemus “if I tell you earthly things and you do not understand, how can I tell you heavenly”? This is what scripture does. It provides earthly explanations to spiritual realities. The earthly explanations distract the goats as being real, but the Heavenly explanations free the sheep as being our new residence of “The Kingdom of God at hand” that is within.

 This is the reason why “Those who are born from above can see the kingdom,” and, “enter the kingdom,” because they are not of this world. They do not listen to the voice of cataclysms, condemnation and damnation of end times. We “[h]ave passed from death to life.” (John 3.14)

 The musings of the Beast are the distraction for carnal thinking. The revelation of the Bride is the creme-de-la-creme; the full cropping of what was planted for us the elect to partake of in the here and now as being “at hand”.

The Beast would have us, instead of believing that we become a perfect man in the full stature of Christ now, from faith to faith, as by the spirit and the word, but to wait for another coming and another saving, and that later we enjoy what God enjoys. But not so. By Gods word,  we get that now and fulfill the verse in ourselves that says, “God has given us everything that pertains to life and godliness.” He has reserved nothing for a second coming, but  judgment. There is another message that says Christ will come again and save the world  (because the cross didn’t work) with a different saving of another savior. This is “the strong delusion” spoken of in Thessalonians 2:11 “because they loved not the truth. For this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

 For those who read scripture, and jump over the invitation to “The kingdom of God at hand”? God provides them a back door to another kingdom.  A second coming kingdom that relates to time and matter, which God is not. There they can thrive on cataclysms, condemnation, judgments, and woes, with great anticipation. And so they do. To this they are spellbound. By reading the worldly news, they are taken, snared and caught. And what is the grand delusion? Eschatology. End times. Another Jesus with a different saving. Another savior. The one with all the carnal counterfeits but made on earth.

 This is what the sifting process does, it sifts those who look to the end, from those who go back to the beginning. We are those who are from the beginning.

 As the first Epistle of John says, “That which we’ve heard from the beginning which we’ve touched with our hands and seen with their eyes and heard with our ears declare we unto you, so you may have Oneness with us.” Isn’t this what Christ asked the Father for? “Father I ask that those you have given Me may be with Me where I am, that they may be one with us.” The Father granted that request the moment it was asked like “let there be light, and there was light.”

 “For the wind blows where it wishes. You cannot see where it comes from or where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the spirit.” John 3:8

 You see carnal logic is your enemy. “For seeing with their eyes they see not, and hearing with their ears they hear not, for one must see and hear with the heart to learn and understand the things of the spirit.” You must be born again.

 Is your fascination with Jerusalem on earth? Or Jerusalem that comes down from God from Heaven, being bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh? This defines the goats from the sheep — those who were born again, or those stuck in the old human nature.

 For those of us who know Christ, and all the things that are hidden in Christ, we know and ascertain to the fact that Heavenly Jerusalem, the Bride of Christ is hidden in Christ. His Kingdom that is not of this age is Her.  And as Christ is unveiled clearly and completely we see Her there because that is where She belongs. In Christ. That is where we belong. In Christ. All things are new “in Christ.” (2 Corinthians 5.17) She is always new and untainted.

Heavenly Jerusalem with all Her fine attire, Her Jewels, Her crowns and Her people. The people are those of us who have received the unveiling and are born from above, we testify as John the Baptist said, “I hear the bride with the bridegroom therefor my joy is fulfilled.” John’s purpose and his cause was for that only; to unveil the Bride because he was the passing the baton —  from the old Testament to the new Covenant Kingdom which is now in effect.

 Christ said in His word that he “only spoke to the people in parables and without a parable spake he not to the people.”Meaning everything He said in earthly comparatives has invisible counterparts because  all we could see or understand were things that related to our carnal senses, but His Kingdom is not made up of carnal things. He spoke to Nicodemus saying, “If we have told you earthly things and you do not understand how is it that we would tell you Heavenly things to understand.” That is the objective; our crossover.

 And with these words we say that the Book of Revelation is the continuation of Parables as was the law and the prophets. They are physical things that teach of God in contrasts.

 In the Gospels there is an account of a man who is holding a wedding feast for his son. His relatives refused to come  to the feast, therefore the father said, “Go into the byways and into the streets and call to as many as will come and tell them, the feast is now  ready,” showing us here the rejection of the Jews, and the acceptance for anyone who responds to the wedding and the unveiling of not just any couple but Adam and Eve’s replacement; the Mother and Father of this new creation being the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God. The city of God comes down from God and Heaven adorned for Her Husband, and is not a thing made on planet Earth by man’s devising. Amen. The Bible opens up with the creation of man and the fall of Man. The scriptures conclusion is with Adam and Eve’s replacement; Christ and His Bride. The full unveiling. The book of the Revelation of Christ, His invisible Bride.

 God made man in His likeness male and female.  Christ and His Bride are Gods’ image, male and female of that which is from the beginning .

 The Kingdom of God is at hand.