Blasphemy and the Beast Part 2

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Blasphemy and the Beast.

The Lord said “For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts.”

And it is His things that are higher than our things. To equate the things of the immortal, eternal, invisible God with ours is to profane them. To take Gods things out of context of the holy and other worldy, and think of them as earthly  is to make them dirty and despicable. The Heavens are humanly, immeasurably higher than silly planet earth. The Holy of Holy installed behind the vail out of everyone’s reach portrayed this.

In any society it is an egregious error to impersonate officers and dignitaries. To go forth in public and pretend to be somebody powerful, and assert that authority is a punishable crime.
It is blasphemy to impersonation aspects of God. It is the denial and rejection of the character as if they are absent, then to take the place of that person and to ascert their power as if it were their own. This is a pretender, a mimicker, a wannabe, a counterfeit and a thief.
To repackage the things of God with ungodly, worldly things, and use Gods names on them is blasphemy of the highest order. It is not forgiven in this age or the other age.And when it is done in context of Gods Kingdom, it is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.
There’s a great blasphemy taking place in our day. Someone has stolen the things of God and called them their own. They use them for their own gain. They take the names and concepts of God that are to define something holy and invisible, they neutralize them and put them on Earth. So “We know those who say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan”. Yes Satan has put it in their heart to re-present God in a different way. It stole for the kingdom of the fallen.
 Jesus Christ said “the God of this age comes and he has nothing in me”. The God of this age is cloaked with things of this age and called them the things of God. These are diametrically opposite. This is the positive and negative that divide the wheat and the tares. One is heavenly, the other earthly. One is time sensitive, the other is eternal. For “that which is flesh is flesh and that which is spirit us spirit. you decide.
It is like the two witnesses in the book of The Revelation, who were slain in the streets and the whole world rejoiced. Who are the two witnesses that were slain? Well that would be the message of the law that the Jews rejected that was fulfilled in Christ that the prophets spoke of. They reject Him again the same way in the same way. And the other witness is the gospel message that the kingdom of God is at hand” and they say, no it is not and they wait for the next Jesus. The Old Covenant pointed forward to the coming Savior, and the New Covenant points back to the saving of the cross as Gods singular saving act. To speak of another saving act is itself blasphemous. That message is in competition with the saving Act of the Cross and thereby neutralizes the cross in the minds of the simple and unlearned it of scripture.
The name English term “Jesus” is correctly linked to the Hebrew word and name Yeshua, and means savior. There are however many today who look to another saving of another savior and spit in the face of the Spirit of grace. The 2nd coming is also blasphemous because it ascribes saving to another event on planet earth. It ascribes the saving act to another and rejects the saving of f the cross. It teaches that satan and sin still need to be defeated. In this way they cloud the gospel message. They re-purpose the sayings of God. But God sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but to save the world. John 3:17. And we have come to know and believe that God has sent his son savior of the world. Any other saving is Antichrist and a counterfeit.
The old and the new have the same saving. That is the Cross. For there to be another saving means God and His Son are liars because scripture says God sent his Son into the world to save. If we need another saving, God and His Son failed miserably. And this is what the 2nd coming message infers. This is why scripture says “it is the wicked servant who says, my lord delays his coming. Because he is wicked, and the Lord did not delay his coming.
The testimony of the law and the prophets was a coming Kingdom, and Jesus Christ came and expired the law and its kingdom saying, “the kingdom of God is at hand”. The message the jews were rejected and abolished for is rejected again today as many wait for another. Both modern Christians and Jews are guilty.
That message today is a great rejection of that Kingdom and a presentation of a new coming one. And this is blasphemy in the highest order. To expect a man named Jesus to come to planet Earth and dwell among men as a men in a City built built of men’s devising is a great blasphemy and using the Lords names in vain. Giving his past saving Act to have no current value.
The damnation for the Jews of old is being committed again today that “although they knew God, they glorified him not as God, nor will they thankful and their foolish Hearts became darkened. They turn the glory of the incorruptible, invisible God into the image of a man. (Romans 2.) Into a singularity. They do not know the “behold I am with you always”, the “I will never leave you or forsake you”.
It was God who sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but to save the world. He did His saving by showing for us the way of our Transfiguration. He is the way the truth and the life.
It is that these people reject and believe the transformation is his. That He must become like one of us again so we can shake His hand and congratulate Him. Oh, what a nice man. And they call it a second coming.
The Old Testament witness and the New Testament witness that points to the Cross are counted as nothing. It is people who from the beginning are designed by our creator to interface and interact with Him. Many have rejected association with Him by interfacing with the Beast cloaked in lies and impersonations. This thing that is ubiquitous and looks like God and taste like God but is not God. The all-knowing and all-powerful is the all wrong knowing and the all wrong power. This my friends is the “great delusion if possible to deceive the elect”. For God who created all things in heaven and earth to then become the created, becomes a subject of the things He has made, and this is an inversion of Truth.
There has been a long-term coup to collect the things, images, names,buildings, places, hollidays and icons of God and call them their own. To deceive and empower for their own purposes here on Earth of heavenly realities. They work for the cause of the accumulation of these all for the harnessing of humanity and distracting them from their greater purpose of their own personal transfiguration into the glory of God, to wait for another. They are on standby as the day of salvation comes and goes, because today is the day of salvation and not another. Why are you waiting?
Scripture says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, because the glory of God is what they were created to exude. But however these offer other sorts and other avenues and other venues and ways for godliness, of which all of them are Pious lies. But the one that’s despised the most is our Transfiguration today. The Holy Spirit saying “today if you will hear my voice today is the day of salvation”. However these have other solutions for Humanity and it’s not good. They detainers from our Heavenly calling by giving us a replacement. A counterfeit, and illusion.
When Christ was a man on Earth, he spoke to the lady at the Samaritan well, and said the time that is coming is already here, when you will neither in Samara or in Jerusalem worship the father, for the father is spirit and truth and seeketh such.
Christ came preaching the kingdom of God is at hand. That statement was never retracted. He sent forth the 12 preaching the kingdom of God is at hand. That call has never stopped. Paul the Apostle in the end of the book of Acts preach the kingdom of God is at hand. And that is the message of the cross. Our curse of crowns of thorns to exchange for his Crown of Glory. But it is the gospel message of the cross that delivers the power of God for the saving. (Romans 1.18) and not some silly man on a white horse. Repent and believe the gospel.
The kingdom of God is at hand. Just as powerful as ever to save to the repentant believing soul.