Fear is a Distrust in God

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Fear is distrusting in God. Adam said, “I heard your voice and I was afraid.” This was the first time fear happened. God knew what Adam had done but asked him where he was anyway. God knew by Adam’s fear that a transition took place in his thinking. Adam had to be saved, and fear was the first symptom.
It was the Apostle John who said, “He who fears has not been made perfect in love, because fear involves torment.” And that,”Perfect love casts out all fear. He who fears has not been perfected in love.” And for those of us who have been made perfect in love, we fear not, even of the biggest enemies and obstacles to humanity. God is bigger than these. God gives us “love, power and a sound mind” to dispel fear.
It is the multiple scenarios and whole end times theme that is driven by man’s default operation of fear, being developed by man’s archenemy, the devil. By fear, people give their power to that enemy. Satan is like “a roaring lion, experienced by the brotherhood in the world” of which some of us are not. Satan,in this way, detours the sheep of God wending their war through multiple theories that have all been proven wrong.We must learn to exercise our senses to discern between good versus evil.
The arch rival with God, when fully developed, is a government system He calls “a beast” because a god it is not. It is powerless to save. It is not a save all or a savior but a mimicker, a wannabe, a look alike and a deceiver. It has a mouth of a lamb, but teeth of a lion.
It takes on a similitude of the promises and provisions of God, but in a carnal way. So instead of dressing ourselves in God’s promises and putting on Christ one attribute at a time, these people who are governed by fear, run to the safety of government, and in so doing pass right by the provisions from God. God said to Abraham “I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward.”
current system today that people run 2 out of fear for protection and in so doing this they put themselves In Harm’s Way. 
Going to scripture to find peace about end times and eschatology, is like going into a round room to find a corner. You will not find it. There is no consensus from anybody on end times. It divides the flock, and disperses and dismembers the body. There are more denominations and more sex and Cults on this topic. That is an abuse of scripture. Scripture is given for our understanding of God, and for our transformation.We are being transformed into the same full image from the glory to the glory as by the spirit. We are to renew the spirit of our mind with these truths to more clearly associate with the Living God. This is the purpose of scripture and not end times. I repeat not end times. That is a dead end road. Even as the Pharisees ask Christ when his kingdom would come, he said it would not come with observation. Then he promptly told the disciples not to go after them. It is the blind following the blind, falling into the ditch that are those who appropriate their faith by fear.
When we get together and talk about all the social ills of today, and government abuse, and secret societies, we energize that God. We glorify that God. And we insult the god that provides salvation. God sent his son into the world not to destroy the world but to save it. John 3:17. When Christ prayed to the Father for us and said Father, I pray not that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from evil. But this we just cannot believe in fear another.
Paul the Apostle prayed that we would know the power that is in US — each of us individually — as those who have faith in Christ, the power God the Father showed when he raised Christ from the dead and seated him far above all powers and principalities. Paul wanted us to know this power because that’s where we can go by faith and trust in the Living God, we can be resurrected by this power in US. But in so doing, by rejecting this power that is in us we resurrect our own pho. And as well by speaking  these things it’s that very fear and words that open up the bottomless pit. Those who lead with the sword will be killed by the sword and those who live by fear shall have the thing come upon them that they fear most.
Love motivates, fear paralyzes. Love and Powers fear paralyzes. Love and powers fear paralyzed.
So you decide Ali’s yourself with the Living God and use your power for such or Alicia yourself with the God of this age through fear and glorify him by building his case. 
If we approach scripture with a fear-based mind it gives us one message. But if we approach it with the love of God we get another message. We can use scripture to build up our in x Concepts and understandings of which there are many. Or we can learn about God.
So instead of empowering the god of fear, lettuce Alicia ourselves with the god of love. For after this day is over, after every end-time prophecy has been scoffed at, the only thing left to talk about is the Living God..
The choice is yours. The kingdom of God is at hand. Whatever is Noble whatever is just whatever is pure whatever is wholesome, think upon these things in the peace of God will be with you amen.